Live Silver Museum tour in Limbazi

Apart from higlights in Latvia that everyone visits there are hidden treasures and Live Silver Museum in Limbazi is one of these.

Silversmith Olegs Auszers creates silver masterpieces for kings and presidents and some of these unique exhibits are placed in his museum. Every artwork has a story behind and one can not only admire Master's job but also can solve puzzle of the symbols that are incorporated into the artworks. This is not yet another jewelry place. Most of the works exhibited are sophisticated sculptures created from silver. when entering the museum guests are treated with silver water and only after that they have sightseeing tour of the museum. The tour takes 30 to 40 minutes but it is worth to leave highway to see unique silver artworks.

The museum is located in a small town Limbazi just 19 kilometers from Via Baltica highway. It is very convenient to make short side trip to see the museum and small silent Latvian town.

Add this visit to your Baltic tour and you will get unforgettable experience of Latvian hidden treasures.