Address: Lossi 28, Tartu

Phone: +372 7303 555, +372 7303 555


Description: In more than three centuries old brick vaults, there is the legendary restaurant with undoubtedly very special design and most exciting atmosphere with 300 seats. Restaurant is located in the very heart of Tartu, right behind Town Hall Square on the foot of ancient Toomemägi hill. Rustic design and antiquities take one back in history and carry away from everyday hassle even if having a business lunch. Wooden furniture is strong enough to carry dishes, wine glasses and beer mugs for hundreds of guests. Most distinguished visitors get their own beer mugs with their names on them. Scramm’s Beer Room is for those who prefer privacy. The Room got its name after brewer Justus Reinhold Schramm who rented the Cellar for 69 years as a beer warehouse. That suits perfectly for celebrations for 30 people. It is possible to listen to your own music and perform your special events there.