Address: Vallikraavi 4, Tartu

Phone: +37 27 309 764, +37 27 309 764

Website: http://www.wilde.ee/

Description: Wilde is beautifully secluded in downtown Tartu on the corner of Ülikooli and Vallikraavi street. While the pub style is wonderfully Irish, the heritage of Tartu is strongly present. Comfortable interior with all the best features of Victorian Irish pub style. Quality cuisine, friendly service. Good air ventilation and carefully selected music. Great atmosphere, especially on live music evenings at the end of the week. The Saksakamber is an ideal place to hold a private party or a formal meeting just beside the informal atmosphere of the main hall of Wilde irish pub. Separated from the main hall, the interior is luxurious, with an antique feeling and a collection of paintings by Jüri Marran. The Wilde Veranda with summer Terrace at Wilde seats comfortably 200 people in the summer. Beautifully secluded in the downtown overlooking the cobbled street leading up through the trees of Toome park. Full bar and restaurant service are also offered on the Terrace.