Full day tour to Druskininkai and Grutas Park

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Druskininkai - Lithuania’s premier spa and southernmost town located 140 km from Vilnius. Picturesquely set on Nemunas river and surrounded by pine forests with wonderfully fresh scented air is a delightful place to spend a few days to rest. A one day trip to the town features its main attractions: neo-gothic Church of the Virgin Mary of the Scapular, Ciurlionis Memorial Museum, Jacques Lipchitz Memorial Gallery and Grutas Park, a unique park where pompous statues of soviet revolutionaries and political leaders, once dominating squares of Lithuanian towns and villages, have found their shelter after being removed more than 10 years ago.

According to some sources, the site of present day Druskininkai was inhabited by local Yotvingian tribes in the early Middle Ages. In 13th century, the area was conquered by Lithuanian population where they have built a small castle to defend against the Teutonic Order (Order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem). The castle was destroyed in 1308 and the area was soon depopulated. The first mention of present day Druskininkai dates back to 1636 with the root of name meaning “salt” (druska lt) which suggests that locals have been collecting this precious mineral. In late 18th century, the discovery of healthiness of Druskininkai areal water has started asthma treatment. In early 19th century, I. Fonberger, Vilnius University professor, focused on analysis of chemical composition of Druskininkai waters and discovered that it contains large amounts of calcium, sodium, potassium, iodine, bromine, iron and magnesium which has contributed to promoting Druskininkai as holiday resort for Lithuanians and their guests.

This is full day tour organised from Vilnius