Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – gems on the Baltic sea

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are small countries on the eastern shore of the Baltic sea look similar from big distance but due to the different history are quite diverse. Traveler will enjoy baroque heritage in Vilnius, Art Nuveau in Riga, Medieval Old Town in Tallinn.

Lithuania has just about everything for tourists: beautiful, historic cities, romantic castles and manor houses set in a landscape of rolling hills and lakes, an unspoiled coastline, and a wide choice of international and local hotels and restaurants. Vilnius Old Town, Curonian Spit and Kernave archaeological area are included into UNESCO World Heritage List. Last but not least, the price and value will pleasantly surprise you in Lithuania.

Everything about Latvia is a contrast. You can have a holiday by the beach and 30 minutes later be wandering through a World Heritage-listed Riga's Old Town that can be explored for hours. In the former Zeppelin Hangars, which are now the city's famous Central Markets, you can interact with the locals on a search for the best cheeses and fruit. After exploring the city, you can wander through the lake and forest region, and visit an ethnographical museum that will make think you've stepped back a century or two. You can search for the Baltic treasure, Amber, or learn of the people's struggle for independence under numerous occupiers. Latvia has it all.

It's not hard to see why Estonia is known as the pearl of the Baltic’s' when castles, enchanting legends and ancient towns abound. Estonia's capital, Tallinn, has a fascinating past filled with German traders, Danish rule and the struggle between Swedish and Russian control. Explore the Old Town with its narrow cobblestone streets and ancient city walls, and soak up the surroundings, from a church spire perched high above the red-tiled roofs. This is a place where no photograph will go to waste! With so much to offer Estonia is sure to surprise.

Three countries are easy accessible from major airport hubs in Europe. The best option to come from Asia is through Helsinki which is just 80 kilometers from Tallinn. Frankfurt, Stockholm, Moscow and other major airports are within 2 hour flight to any Baltic capitals.

Come to the Baltic countries and enjoy distinctive culture, history marks and great friendly people.

See our Baltic tours that we prepared for you and choose the one that fits your interest most of all. If you have a dream of taking your very special Baltic trip but don't sure what to see in less explored areas of three Baltic countries drop us a message and we will come with the route that is created just for you.


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