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Estonians have been living in this tiny part of the Baltics since approximately 2,500 B.C. Estonia's strategic location between East and West has been highly coveted throughout the ages. Teutonic knights, Danes, Swedes, Germans, Poles, and Russians all swept across Estonia, setting up successive regimes, fortifying their towns and castles, and shipping their goods through Estonian ports. It was only in 1918, that Estonia managed to form an independent state. However, in 1940 it was annexed by the Soviet Union and did not achieve full independence until 1991.

With its four Hanseatic League cities: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Viljandi, Estonia was one of Europe’s liveliest trading centers in the Middle Ages, connecting the East and the West becoming a melting pot of people from all over the continent.

It's not hard to see why Estonia is known as the pearl of the Baltics when castles, enchanting legends and ancient towns abound. Estonia's capital Tallinn has a fascinating past filled with German traders, Danish rule and the struggle between Swedish and Russian control. Explore the Old Town with its narrow cobblestone streets and ancient city walls, and soak up the surroundings, from a church spire perched high above the red-tiled roofs. This is a place where no photograph will go to waste! The locals will enchant you as much as the city with their sense of humor. Be sure to learn just a few words of Estonian to break the ice and watch the smiles and friendship develop. With so much to offer, Estonia is sure to surprise.

The highlight of any trip to Estonia is the capital city Tallinn which boasts what some call the best preserved medieval old town in Northern Europe. It's easy to imagine yourself as a merchant, burgher, lady or citizen of the era on the narrow cobblestone streets. Tallinn offers even more: excellent restaurants, including those with medieval theme like Olde Hansa and Peppersack, as well as economy accommodation and outstanding locally made Estonian souvenirs. Tallinn is an excellent base for exploring Northern Estonia with its exotic Russian influence and Lahemaa National Park.

The two oldest cities, Tallinn and Tartu, have tried to preserve the romance of the Middle Ages in its original form. Hanseatic Days are held in Tartu every year while Tallinn celebrates its Old Town Days, where the city centre revels in its medieval appearance for a whole week.

In summertime, tourists are attracted to Parnu on the west coast. But don’t miss the wild and unspoiled nature of the western islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa with still operating wooden windmills and stone cottages with thatched roofs. Along with modern services, you can enjoy excellent spa with relaxing therapeutic procedures that are available in Kuuresaare, the capital of Saaremaa Island.

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