Half day tour to Kernave

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Kernavė, a small settlement 50 km West of Vilnius located in the picturesque Pajauta valley. The town is known among the locals as Lithuanian Troy testifying to the country’s 13th-14th century history. The site is a complex ensemble of archaeological properties, encompassing the town of Kernavė, forts, some unfortified settlements, burial sites and other archaeological, historical and cultural monuments. Impressive landscape, rich history, valuable archaeological finds have put Kernave Archaeological Site on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Besides, the honor of being the oldest capital of Lithuania is ascribed to it. For the first time it was mentioned in 1279 in the rhymed chronicles of Livonia as the domain of the Grand Duke Traidenis.


The legends tell about the mysterious sandy and golden undergrounds. The rulers of the castle ordered to cover all paths with sand. The souls of the dead or perished dukes are still walking along them in the midnight rattling the sabers, willing to foretell the country about the coming misfortunes.

This is a 4 hour tour organized from Vilnius

The best time visiting Kernave is beginning of July when festival Days of Living Archaeology goes on.