Tour to Ligatne Soviet bunker

Detail description
There are not many remaining Soviet installations that gives opportunity understanding better Soviet regime communist elite way of living.

Bunker in Ligatne was built during cold war and had intention to preserve Latvian Soviet nomenclature in case of nuclear assault from USA. The bunker is located just 75 kilometers from Riga so it was quick trip for Soviet Latvian bosses to escape from the capital city.

The bunker was perfectly preserved because it was locked and not used for 20 years. It is now thrilling attraction for tourists to walk in dark corridors, to see the rooms where Soviet elite was planning to hide, to see the services they were supposed to get.

Apart from having sightseeing of the bunker it is possible to order special "Soviet" lunch at the preserved canteen.

This tour is organized from Riga and takes 4 hours.