Day trip to Kaunas suburbs - Pažaislis Monastery and Rumšiškės Open Air Museum

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Day trip to Kaunas suburbs

Pažaislis Monastery and Rumšiškės Open-Air Museum – two highlights of Lithuanian history and heritage in one day. A boat ride on the Kaunas Sea will link one site with another.

The ensemble of Pažaislis Monastery is said to be one of the most beautiful examples of mature baroque in Northern and Eastern Europe. This picturesque place, located only a few kilometers away from Kaunas city center near the shore of the lagoon, attracts visitors not only with the charming architecture but also with the tranquility of the Camaldolese monastery.

Sometimes the silence and peace are brightened by concerts, artists' plain airs, and excursions in the courtyard of Pažaislis Monastery.
After the tour of the monastery, a boat will take you not only to the other side of the lagoon but also to a different era. During the tour of the Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumšiškės, you will find yourself in the Lithuanian countryside of the XVII – XX century. You will get acquainted with all four ethnographic regions of Lithuania, the life, works, and traditions of Lithuanian peasants and townspeople. You will also visit a reconstructed XIXth century town with small shops, a church, an inn, and various craftsmen workshops.


Tour includes:

* Transfer from your hotel in Kaunas to Pažaislis

* Local guide services as per program

* Entrance to Pažaislis Monastery

* Entrance to Rumšiškės Open-Air Ethnographic Museum

* Boat ride Kaunas - Rumšiškės

* Transfer to your hotel in Kaunas


- Lunch at a local tavern with traditional dishes