Uzupis sightseeing tour

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Uzupis is one of the oldest suburbs of Vilnius, mentioned in the 15th century. Nowadays, it is known as the artistic quarter of Vilnius, situated on the bank of the River Vilnia (Vilnelė) opposing Old Town. Uzupis is home to the Vilnius Academy of Arts and many artists‘ studios and galleries. This suburb of Vilnius is famous for being the self-proclaimed Uzupis Republic. Local community leaders announced the birth of the Republic of Uzupis back in 1997 on April Fools Day. Since then, the birthday of Uzupis has been celebrated every year. Among other things typical to the republic, the Uzupis Republic has its Constitution mounted on the wall in numerous languages (see if you can find it in your language). The Constitution proclaims a person‘s rights, starting with an article: Everyone has the right to live by the River Vilnele, and the River Vilnelė has the right to flow by everyone. 
During the walking tour, you will enjoy views of Vilnius highlights from different streets and courtyards, impressive street art paintings, the majestic sculpture of the Angel of Uzupis, the humourous iron pig sculpture, etc. Then, enjoy a cup of coffee or have dinner at one of the numerous restaurants and cafes in Uzupis.

Uzupis sightseeing tour takes 2 hours